Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poker In Online Casinos

For a good number of us the only way for us to play poker is through online casinos. So many of us do not live anywhere near a brick and mortar casino where we can walk in and play the game of our choice. Some people are lucky enough to be able to live in Las Vegas or in other areas where going to casino is not prefaced with a huge overhead in time. As you know not all states in America have casinos. So for some of us the only way we can attempt to play poker is to find a home game, which is illegal in many states, or to choose online gambling as the method.

While it's true that Internet gambling does indeed have a lot of perks to it, a lot of poker players prefer to play in brick and mortar games. You can make a lot more money online, because there are more games and more competition. You can also play more games at one time then it is physically possible to play in a live casino environment. Of course, depending on the casino and the type of playing you're doing, the comps may be better in a real life casino instead of online. The opposite is also true some of the time. I've been to a number of casinos where the comps were really great until one of the major chains took them over. So this is always a situation by situation basis when it comes to comps. One of the nice things about being an Internet poker player is that you can easily choose the times you're going to play, and you don't have to get dressed up for anybody. In fact, I know a number of Internet poker players who don't even get dressed before they sit down at the tables. I've been known to do this a time or two myself. As freeing as this is, I still prefer a live game where I have physical tales and situations to read that are not based solely on betting and timing.

One of the things you don't get at a casino which you are able to take advantage of when you're playing online is detailed record keeping and statistics on your play, and the game play of your opponents. There is a wide array of different software on the market to help you improve your game by keeping your online statistics and hand histories. If you are going to be an online player who wants to be successful it's imperative that you take advantage of some of these products. Some of them are better than others, and you will have to do the research to find out which ones you like best and don't violate the online casino rules. Personally, I'm a big fan of poker tracker. I don't think you can be a solid online player without a good amount of personal analysis. From what I've found, poker tracker does a really good job of helping you with this analysis. There are number of other great programs out there, and this is not a poker software review post. But if you are serious about improving your game and being a winning online poker player you must have some way to correctly run the numbers, find the holes in your game, and close them.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Poker Hubs

I've recently found that there are some good articles on poker over at HubPages. I'm going to give you a link to some of them that I think may not only improve your game, but that will also be an enjoyable read. If you want to learn some about possibly the single most important factor in any hand of poker you will probably want to read this Poker Philosophies article. The Poker Philosophies article which might interest you most is one on Making Plays. While these are the two articles that are strictly poker instruction and theory a couple of other articles which relate life lessons via poker and poker illustrations are also good.
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